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Tweet: "Build it and they will come" is not a good business strategy.  "Build it and they will steal it" is.
Tweet: We're now witnessing two phases online in the battle for the ‘internet of trust.'  Which side will you be on?
Tweet: KYC is a cash cow. But it’s also a liability.
Tweet: Is Proof-of-Stake about decentralization or just about brand recognition?
Tweet: Crypto is revolutionary in enabling decentralization.  AI is revolutionary in enabling centralization.  And both will merge.
Tweet: Haaland is just a different species
Tweet: We face a perfect storm of 3 problems:  1) Modern tech is centralized. 2) Modern tech is opaque. 3) Modern tech is addictive.  We urgently need to get past these 3 problems.
Tweet: If you need permission to put anything on chain, it’s not really on chain.

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