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Tweet: 5 𝕏 Writing Lessons That Will Save You Hours These simple yet super-effective writing tips will save you hours of staring at a blank page We all hate the blank page. That feeling you have to post on X today but you don’t know where to start. Minutes go by standing at that…
Tweet: Moving forward AtAt last I hope you've found this content helpful. ⏮️ Would love to hear your thoughts on this too! 💡 Your support gives me the meaning to write more of these. Thanks! 💪 📌Follow me @AlexanderM18514
Tweet: #20 - Re-introduce yourself to your new followers It’s a good idea to re-introduce yourself to your followers every now and then, especially if you had a growth spur. Take the chance to present yourself and let them know what to expect from your tweets!
Tweet: #19 - Appreciate someone helpful Twitter is a social network. If someone was helpful, let them know in public! This is how you build relationships.
Tweet: #18 - Ask people to complete your tweet Write a “fill in the blanks” type of tweet and let your audience complete it for you. This is a fun game that often generates a huge amount of engagement.
Tweet: #17 - Recommend one piece of content you just consumed This could be a book, a movie, an article…It's better if you tag the author so they might interact with it!
Tweet: #16 - Ask people if they agree or disagree This is how you should do it: 1. Make a statement (For example, Lebron James is the GOAT) 2. Ask people if they agree or disagree with it. 3. See what happens
Tweet: #15 - Give people a platform to celebrate or promote themselves It's always exciting to share wins. Let your audience use your Tweet as a way to share them. Ask people, “What’s one win you had this week?” or “What are you working on?” They can then use the replies to share a…

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